Humanitarian & Compassionate Ground

If you are applying for Canadian Immigration but you do not meet the requirement or has become inadmissible to Canada, we can help you pursue your dream of becoming a permanent resident by availing of the extraordinary remedy of Humanitarian and Compassionate Ground. In doing so, we will invoke the most compelling and cogent grounds attendant to the prevailing circumstances aimed at convincing the Officer of the need to afford you Permanent Residency in Canada. We see to it that various jurisprudential decisions are invoked relative to certain established H&C grounds.

By filing an H&C, the consequent effect thereof is your eligibility to be issued a work permit and a stay of your removal order pending final resolution of your H&C case.

Corollary, in weighing your H&C case, we also find ways to look for available options aimed at preserving your stay in Canada with the end in view of acquiring permanent residency such as filing for a record suspension, seeking for rehabilitation, requesting for Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), claiming refugee status in-Canada or applying for declaratory relief under the Immigration Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).